Pupil Services

Pupil services are programs that support the overall mission of the school district by ensuring that students have or attain competencies necessary to benefit from the instructional program.  At South Eastern School District, the Pupil Services Department ensures the provision of district wide comprehensive student services, inclusive of special education, gifted support, services for protected handicapped students, school psychology, school counseling, school health, school social work, mental health services, and English language services, for all children and youth in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade12.


As educators, Pupil Services personnel are guided by the following beliefs:

  • Pupils are viewed  holistically;  that  is,  they  are human beings with complex needs and interests which extend beyond the educational system.  Cultural, physical, social, economic and psychological factors are all important.
  • Each student has unique characteristics.
  • Child development is an orderly developmental process.
  • Every child has potential and value.
  • Pupils are in a constant state of change, which requires adaptability and flexibility on the part of all educators.
  • Schools are part of an increasingly complex social structure which demands more of the learner than just the mastery of cognitive skills and do not function in isolation.
  • Effective education results in a person who can adapt to as well as contribute to the changing environment.
  • Learning is a lifelong process.
  • Effective education develops:
    • self-understanding and a feeling of self-worth;
    • an understanding of others and an appreciation of the worth of all people;
    • the knowledge,  skills  and  attitudes  necessary  for  successful  personal and family living;
    • the knowledge and practices necessary to maintain physical and emotional well-being; and
    • the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become a self-supporting member of society.


PUPIL SERVICES CONTACTS (717)382-4843 ext. 6893
Director of Pupil Services
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